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TENERIFE Adventure Jurassic Park Adventure

by Kevin Lear
touring Tenerife

TENERIFE Adventure Jurassic Park Adventure on a Kymco AK550 Super Scooter

Having enjoyed another hearty breakfast and jumping on our scooters we head off on our Jurassic Park Adventure. Climbing up into the mountains twisting and turning whilst discovering your scooter can lean quite far we reach a café for a quick refreshment (fabulous custard buns) before taking yours on the ride of a lifetime.

We leave the café and turning left we start to climb, quite steeply, until eventually, we reach the crest of the hill and ongoing over the crest what you will see before your very eyes is simply magical. You can imagine T Rex himself rustling in the trees and overhead Teradactyls flying across the sparkling blue sky.

We descend on a road that God himself must have laid especially for your scooter adventure, stopping along the way for fabulous photograph opportunities that your family will marvel at. Also along the way, we head off up a hill to a restaurant (a little bit further on the view will have your eyes popping out).

At the café you will be introduced to the best food imaginable, the finest, tenderest, melt-in-the-mouth ‘goat’ that will make a memory to last a lifetime.

Following which back down the track and onwards to……….

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